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Trinity Episcopal Church

419 S. Fourth Street

Redlands, CA  92373

Phone: (909)793-2014    


The Rev. Paul A. Price, Rector

                                             The Rev.  Liz McQuitty, Associate 





      Please remember to review current announcements located under communication tab


Did you know that BookShelf has lots of Gifts available all year? 

Gift Shop open on Sundays 

cash, checks or credit cards

( profits go to church projects ) 


 ( Please bear with us....Website is old and difficult to manage. 

We hope to have a new site launched before end of the year) 


July  Events 


July 1 Morning Prayer inLibrary 8:30 am

4 pm Adult Formation 

5:30 pm Evening Prayer Library

6 pm Centering Prayer

6:30 pm Women’s AA in Lounge


July 2 

5:30 pm Evening PrAyer 

7 pm Adult Ed Book Study


July 3

11 am Healing Service with

Propers for Independence Day

1 to 3pm Youth Hope in Kitchen

4 pm Bible study canceled today 

5:30 p Evening Prayer Library 


July 4 

Office closed


July 5

5:30 p Evening Prayer


July 7

8 am Spoken Eucharist 

9:15 am Adult Bible Study Library 

10:15 am Choral Eucharist 

No Atrium, No Sunday School

Nursery Care available 

Coffee  Hour  and fellowship 


July 8

8:30 am Morning Prayer in Library

9 to 10 am Greek Class Library 

2 p Funeral

4 pm Adult Formation

5:30 p Evening Prayer

6 p Centering Prayer

7 p OFF Campus Chic’Lits


July 9

530 p Evening Prayer

6 pm Trinity Ushing at the Redlands Bowl

7 pm Adult Book Study ( confirm please)


July 10

9:30 a Bereavement Group in lounge

11 am Healing Service

2 p OFF Campus Knit W.I.T.S

4 pm Bible Study in lounge

5:30 p Evening Prayer


July 11 and 12

5:30 pm Evening Prayer

in Library


July 13

2 p Shared Ministry at

University UMC

5:30 p Evening Prayer


July 14

8 am Spoken Eucharist Rite 1

9:15 am Adult Bible Study

10:15 am Choral Eucharist

Sunday School with Liz S

Atrium closed

 Youth Group 12 noon in Youth room

Coffee Hour and Fellowship 


July 15

8:30 a Morning Prayer in Library 

4 pm Adult Formation

5:30 p Evening Prayer

6 p Centering Prayer

6:30 to 8:30 p Vestry meeting 

6:30 p AA  for Women in lounge


July 16 

5:30 p Evening Prayer

7 p NO Book Study 



Fr Paul and Mo Liz will be on England Pilgrimage 

July 19 to Aug 5

( Assisting Priests will be available. As always please call office at anytime

if you need a priest, illness or just to say Hi) 


July 21 

8 am Rite 1

9:15 a Adult Bible Study

10:15 am Rite 2

No Sunday School or Atrium 

Nursery open

Coffee and Fellowship 


July 23

5:30 p Evening  Prayer

6 to 8 p Benedictines in Lounge

Do you have a curiosity about monastic life outside the monastery? Come and join the Benedictines. Meet monthly for meal and worship. Contact Roger Baty or Doug Macomber if you would like more information 


July 24

11 am Healing Service

4 pm Bible Study

5:30 p Evening Prayer

NO —21 Above Theology on Tab ( Liz away)


Did you know? 

Many Groups have been forming at Trinity

Mes Amies Single’s Group ( call Maurine D or Francois V)

LGBTQ Group ( contact office or Mo. Liz when she gets back from England)


“Old“ Favorites include

Chic’Lits ( Ladies Reading group meets outside of Trinity- ask Hopi H.)

Knit W.I.T.S. ( knitting or crocheting helping those in need meets outside of Trinity- ask Cindy R

Benedictines- curiosity about Monastic life++ monthly meeting at Trinity with meal and worship

ask Doug M or Roger B


Sunday, July 28

( Fr. Paul and Mo Liz remain in England on Pilgrimage)

8 am Spoken Eucharist 

9:15 a Adult Bible Study

10:15 am Choral Eucharist 

Sunday School with Liz S 

Atrium closed ~~ Nursery Open

Coffee and Fellowship


 August 28 

21 Above Theology on Tab at 7 pm

7 pm at Escape Brewery 

 Topic TBD
















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December 10, 2019


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8:00 AM - Spoken Eucharist

Rite I

Sunday School on July 14 and 28

August 11 and 25

ATRIUM closed for summer


Nursery Care open

8a till 12 noon


10:15 a.m. Choral Eucharist Rite II



Morning Prayer in the Library

8:30 a.m.

Centering Prayer 6 p.m.



 Healing Prayers 11 AM

& Eucharist  at 11:30 AM


5:30 PM - Evening Prayer


Memorial Garden Trinity 2


Monthly Eucharist Service

Bangladeshi Eucharist

September TBD at 10:30 am

Trinity Lounge 


Celtic Monthly Service

with Potluck

September 15 at 5 p.m.

Youth and Family Service

with Potluck

September TBD 5-7 pm


Special Services/Events

                                                                          TRINITY USHERING at

                                                                           The REDLANDS


                                                                               JULY 9 

                                                                            ALL WECOME!


Trinity Office Hours

Monday and Thursday

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Tuesday and Wednesday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed on Fridays plus all holidays


Upcoming Trinity

Community Events

 Trinity at the Bowl


July 9 at 6 pm 



Trinity Preschool 

Open Year Round

Family Friendly Prices

Half/Full Day Program

Extended Daycare available


 liz Pride day quote


 ( Thanks Laura for Above quote)


 Pride flag small   



















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