Bible and Book Studies ( updated June 1, 2019)


 Adult Ed Forums CONTINUES IN JUNE - check calendar for dates 

9:10 am in lounge each Sunday. Open to everyone.

"Becoming A Great Neighbor: Using Privilege for God's Glory"

 We will deepen our conversations about how we can carry out two-fold greatest commandment: to love God, and to love neighbor. We will explore how this commandment intersects with our experiance of being in a world where our neighbors differ from us in many ways. We will unpack how we might begin to break down the diving walls in our hears, so that we can bear Christ's love to all people, and so that we might witness Christ's love in the faces of all people. The objectives of this series are:

1. To educate ourselves in order to learn to love our neighbors. This objective asserts that in order to know how best to love our neighbors, we have to make an effect to learn more about them. We have to get to know them.

2. To further deepen and continue to cultivate a spirit of welcome for all people within our community.

3. To offer an avenue of discipleship where hard questions are asked, and honest answers sought in order to continue to expand the circle of welcome in this house of prayer and worship into which God invites all people.

4. To explore the dynamics of privilege in our society that profoundly impacted everyone with the intent to consciously and activiely break down dividing walls and foster a spirit of equality and unity. 

Questions: contact Rodney Hume-Dawson


                                              Sunday Mornings:David Buckley, leader/convener 

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All Welcome to join our group for this ongoing yearly Adult Education program.  We meet iin Room 12/Library at 9:15 a.m.  Program:  Living the Good News by Morehouse Education Resources. This Bible study follows the Sunday Lectionary, we discuss the same passages of Scripture that are read during our Eucharist. Our discussions are geared towards the beginner as well as the lifelong student of the Bible. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds and ages. We do not require regular attendance, just come whenever you can. 


                              Monday Adult Christian Formation Class 4 pm: Leader Fr. Paul

All welcome to join Fr. Paul, In St. Jermone's Library. Group will be studing Theology of Karl Barth.

” Dogmatics in Outlime” by Karl Barth. Books on Amazon 

                                     Tuesday Bible &/or Book Study 7 pm  Leader Fr. Paul

Please Join Fr. Paul in the Lounge for Tuesday Night Book study/Bible study. ” The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World”. Purchase a book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

                                      Wednesday Bible Study 4 pm

photo only 1/4 of class. 

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All Welcome to join Fr. Paul in Trinity Lounge for ongoing Bible Study. 

Light refreshments provided by study group.

In March 2019 - starting Book of Psalms 




July 04, 2020


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8:00am Spoken Eucharist

10:15am Choral Eucharist


8:30am Morning Prayer in Library

6:00pm Centering Prayer in Church


 11:00am Healing Service & Eucharist in Church


5:30pm Evening Prayer in Library

Monthly Eucharists

10:30am First Sunday Bangladeshi Eucharist in Lounge

5pm Third Sunday Celtic Eucharist with potluck

5pm Fourth Sunday Youth and Family Eucharist with potluck

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9-1pm Monday and Thursday

9-5pm Tuesday and Wednesday

Closed on Fridays and holidays


Trinity Preschool 

Open Year Round

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Extended Daycare available


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