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Dear Church Mouse:

Why do people go down on one knee when exiting their pew?

Dear Reader

It is called genuflecting when they do that. Each of us has a way of recognizing the sovereignity of Jesus....acknowledging Jesus as Our Lord and King, Our response to Jesus as Lord and King takes on many different forms. One such form is genuflecting before the throne of Christ.


For some, that is the Altar, the symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. For others, it is the cross itself. still others understand that the space around the altar and set apart by the Altar rail are sac ground and will typically bow before that spaca or before entering. And others understand that Jesus‘ presence in there in the bread and wine stored in the tabernacle, or Aumbry.


This is an action of personal piety. It is not a must but a may. It is important to know why you do it as it is to do it.


Hope that helps 

The Church Mouse


February 17, 2018



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