Father Paul’s installlaon as Trinity’s 17th Rector




Mother Liz and 21 Above Theology on Tab

August 15.   Wow great gathering...theme was Baptism. 

at Escape Brewary     



 Camp Sunday June 

IMG 5080

Trinity Camp Big Bear 

IMG 4969 IMG 4974

IMG 5025



Youth And Family Service on June 3


 IMG 4526 IMG 4629IMG 4565


IMG 4545



 Trinity SUNDAY

IMG 4357


IMG 4359



IMG 4380IMG 4398


IMG 4372IMG 4374 edited

IMG 4393 


IMG 4389 Edited


Memorial Day Preperations ...our YOUTH assisted with placing flags on all the 260,000grave markers. They joined other Episcopal youth. Thanks Mother Liz!






1006A5F7-487C-455E-9D99-39824726A849 At Riverside National Cemetery.B4A06D8F-9995-4D42-A2B6-507C88F93AB4



 Pentecost Sunday 




IMG 4168IMG 4298

IMG 4194IMG 4306

 Mother's Day May 13 Kirkin the Tartans outside 1

Liz and Beth better Nina Reading

Fr. Loujeff and Margaret even better 2

Bagpiper FAIRChoir Tartens 2



Work Day Saturday, May 12


 Michael Maurine and Matt Gardening

Fountain orginal


IMG 3923



IMG 3920



 Youth And Family Service Photos April

IMG 3821 IMG 3851IMG 3820 IMG 3829



Musica Viva April 29

Mviva April


IMG 3939IMG 3952







IMG 3724 Native Garden April



service story editedIMG 3699


Native April


IMG 3885

Earth Day Celebration with Native Friends April 22 

Thank you so much to our Native American Friends for cooking a lovely lunch for us to enjoy:

Beans, Pork and Fry Bread


Native Friends cooking

Earth Day


It is time to mark your Calendar for Cupcakes for Mark April 29 

Fundraiser in honor of Mark Hemmers for Cancer Research 



cupcakes for Mark 




Parish Family Photos of Easter from Facebook.....

IMG 4596


IMG 4595

From Facebook 2From Facebook



 Below are all from Easter Sunday...April 1  Service and Receptions

easter food 21



easter food 20



 easter food 13easter food 18easter food 19easter food 17

Easter food 12 easter food 14


easter food 10easter food 11



easter food 8



 easter food 4 easter food 5


Easter food 1easter food 2

Easter  Egg Hunt with the Kids and Families


Egg Hunt 8egg hunt 10


egghunt 7egg hunt 8

Egg Hunt 4 Egg HUnt 4



Easter Egg 2 Easter egg 3

egg hunt 18 


 Easter Morning Service at 10:30 am ....scroll down ...not always in order 


Easter Morning 18 aaEaster Morning abc

Easter Morning 18 z


Easter morning 18 y


Easter Morning 18 x



Easter Morning 18 T Easter Morning 18 WEaster Morning 18 V

Easter Morning 18 U 


Easter Morning 18 Q Easter Morning 18 SEaster Morning 18 R

Easter 18 N Easter Morning 18 P

Easter 18 LEaster 18 M

The Youth brought Back the Buried "A"

Easter Morning 18 G Easter Morning 18 kEaster Morning 18 JEaster Morning 18 IEaster morning 18 EEaster Morning 18 A Easter Morning 18 FEaster Morning 18 CEaster Morning 18 B



 Easter Vigil Reception + Easter Morning at 8 and 10:30 am  in Great Hall: Thank you Alan 

IMG 3800

Easter Vigil 16Easter Vigil 14Easter Vigil 13

Easter Vigil....Incense 


Easter Vigil 12 




Easter Vigil 11Easter Vigil 9 Easter Vigil 10


Easter Vigil 7Easter Vigil 8

Easter Vigil 6

Easter Vigil: Altar Candles placed by Michael D. While Choir sings. 

Easter Vigil Altar Candles added


Easter Vigil....Altar Guild from Flowers to Preparing the Altar with FairLinins 

Easter Vigil Altar Linins



 Easter Vigil starts in darkness

Easter Vigil dark 2

Easter Vigil 1 in dark



Community Good Friday 7 pm at First Presbyterian, Redlands ( 2nd Annual )


GF 18 Comm 8

GF 18 Comm 6GF 18 Comm 8

GF 18 Comm 2GF 18 Comm 3

 GF 18 choir

Trinity's Desert Garden Fern Ave Parking area

IMG 3411

Good Friday March 30 at 12 noon 

GF 18 7

GF 18 5 GF 18 6

 IGF 18 3 GF 18 4GF 18  2

GFriday 18


The Watch in Lounge 

the Watch 18



Maundy Thursday, March 29, 2018


IMG 3354

Stripped Altar 18 Empty MT 18

Pat and Paul cleaning Altar Altar Stripped and Cleaned by Fr. Paul and Pat



Liz and KrystleIMG 3334Vested MThursday MThur 18 EucharistFoot Washing 18






IMG 3284IMG 3298 IMG 3290IMG 3300IMG 3294IMG 3287

Garden Psunday LoisPS AltarIMG 3275PSunday 18

Palm SUnday 18 

We started the 10:15 service in the garden with Choirs singing and procession into the church

Palm Sunday Choir 18


Passion on PAlm sunday

IMG 3787


coffee hour palms 18  Even our Coffee Hour had Palms! Thanks

SS made Paschal candles 1


ss made Paschal candles 2  Our Youth 7 years old and up made new

Paschal Candles for next Sunday.  Thanks Liz for sharing on Facebook! ( our Atrium kids will be doing this soon too)

 IMG 3234



IMG 3203


Lenten Memories....


 Lent kidsYouth Procession to Sunday School Weekly

after the Blessing of the Children by entire parish.

Kids playing Kids loving the sunshine and time to play in garden...warm Sundays in Lent! 

First Sunday of Lent- February 18, 2018 10:15 am

Lent 2018  Matthew collecting money


Lent Fr. Paul  


St. C choir


Vestry Retreat Feb. 16 and 17









February 14, 2018 Ash Wednesday 11 am service

IMG 3692


IMG 3691 IMG 3695

 February 14- in Preschool - Valentine's Day

IMG 4226



February 13, 2018 Shove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Shove Tue Liz  Stuesday 4Stuesday 3STuesday 2




February 11, 2018. SCOUT Sunday









Fr Paul presents next Senior Warden: Nancy Doss.  January 21






LEMS and Lectors commissioned and prayers Sunday, Jan . 21



Ordination January 13, 2017



King‘s Sunday January 7


BB751403-D449-433F-860C-78DE151C2D56 CF5245A2-F616-456F-866D-ECBA83E00BF0




Christmas Eve 4 p.m. service Youth Pageant 

IMG 3025 IMG 4308IMG 4903 1IMG 4920IMG 3041IMG 3026

IMG 3371 2

December 24,2017...Preparing for Christmas after Advent 4 Service. Love ❤️ our Altar Guild

IMG 3374 

IMG 3433

IMG 3438


Advent 4 


IMG 3021 IMG 3022


December 13...Rev Liz with the 21 up group 








 F49BA050-52CE-483E-B829-1EB17B3CCCC0 It’s a team to start Blue Xmas wreath.

 December 13...wow everyone checking in...even Altar Guild


December 13   Youth Choir ..St. Cecillas Christmas preparation and caroling 

601CDF64-2B1B-4ADC-866B-18C37EB386F1 24F4D4C0-F768-4BD1-AB17-BA5DF55D86AA



December 10 Youth Group Meeting F78F2910-241A-45D5-BD27-FBA7062DE09D



December 9: Las Pasadas - Trinity Host Church with Fiesta

24862237 10155981712854861_8228473687597357771_n 24862442 10155981710549861_4978259744935728848_n24909846 10155981710239861_5903115255722024200_n24899977 10155981753094861_5492413467459776795_n



 December 3: First Sunday of Advent - Lessons and Carols

 IMG 3223IMG 3230IMG 3228IMG 3227IMG 3219

November26....Krystle Wright, Seminarian Intern




Atrium Advent Preparations 

IMG 3191IMG 3192

IMG 3193 Procession of Prayer Table seasonal changes. P is for Purple to "Prepare" for the birth of Jesus. Tablecloth purple, Advent Wreath with Mother Mary in center, prayer card, candle.


Jesse Tree- Week 1- Presented by our Young Families and Youth

IMG 3182 IMG 3181IMG 3187


Annual Thanksgiving Service and Pie Fellowship November 22, 2017

Thank you Jeff for playing Leigh's Thanksgiving Song.. 

IMG 4328 IMG 4326IMG 4324IMG 4321


Our Yearly Native American Service - November 19, 2017


IMG 4232 IMG 4285IMG 42665C3D5984-915D-4A79-B62A-A8368D1FA834

Singing Bird 17IMG 4233IMG 4244IMG 4235




November 5, 2017 The Feast of All Saints' Day 10:30 a,m,

IMG 3017IMG 3018 IMG 3020 Entrance Hymn : Hymnal 287

IMG 3026We renewed our Baptismal Vows  after the Prayers of the People- The names of the faithful departed was read, all invited to light one candle

in memory of a loved one. It was very moving for all attending.  


IMG 3027IMG 3028IMG 3029 IMG 3032



November 1, 2017 Wednesday 4 pm Bible Study in Lounge- 8-% of regular members! Leader Fr. Paul. Anyone can drop in and join at any time. 

IMG 2975 IMG 2972IMG 2971IMG 2968IMG 2976IMG 2974


October 31, 2017  Trinity Preschool TENS Halloween Party

IMG 3753 IMG 3773IMG 3756IMG 3755IMG 3754




October 26, 2017

TENS Bible Stories with Fr. Paul and Linda ( today in Great Hall)

Kids were learning and singing about Noah and the Ark!

IMG 2939 IMG 2942


October 25, 2017 Wednesday 11 a.m. Healing Service and Eucharist -

5 Clergy ( Liz, Paul, Pete, Holder and Jay) 15 adults. 

Lectionary:  St. James of Jerusalem 

IMG 2936


Trinity Camp Fundraiser ( reminder) please remember to bring your CRV Recycle to Trinity

James C leader

IMG 2685


October 22- Stewardship Sunday Reception Great Hall

IMG 3834 Henry Simms ( Vestry and Stewardship Chair)

IMG 3845 IMG 3846


October 18 - Thank Linda for keeping Memorial Garden Lovely at anytime of year.

IMG 3802

 Octber 15, 2016

Father Lou and Parish Worshipped mostly in Dark due to power outage...

Sermon was a classic with "Throwing Apples"  A valuable lesson about Stewardship!

IMG 3768

October 11 and 12 Trinity Preschool Has Michelangelo Visit from 

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Adult Dentisty and Orthodontics.

IMG 3733


October 8, 2017 Middle School "Praying in Colors" started

IMG 2797


 October 8, 2017 Blessing of the Animals

IMG 2806 IMG 2854IMG 2817IMG 2834


October 7, 2017 Oktoberfest- Trinity Camp Fundraiser

Priceless now happy Rev Liz

October 1, 2017

Service of Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation

with Bishop Sammuel Azariah

IMG 2709

 Congratulations: Spencer Aiello, John Akridge, Richard and Sue Box, Katherine Brooks, Kate Deen, John Dunham, Antoinette Everets, Hanna Hill, Ryan Hill, John McCormick, Matthew Williams, Wayne Williams.  Being Received into church: Krystle Wright Reaffirming: Nancy Doss, Cindy McCormick and Lois Musmann. 

IMG 2735 1 IMG 2745IMG 2747IMG 2736

September 2017

Confirmation Class to University of Redlands

Confirmation pic 2017


TENS First Field Trip! Kids had a lot of fun.


IMG 3506

Fr. Halder became a US citizen this past week. Parish celebrated with cake for everyone. 


IMG 3448

Saturday, September 23: Andrew Less presenting his findings from his summer trip to Peru.

IMG 3439

Instructional Eucharist 9/17/17 with Music Trio and Harpsichord 

IMG 2664 IMG 2667 

Trio: Becky Long, cello, Margaret Winter, flute   and Renata Quijada, violin with

Jeff on harpsichord. Truly lovely .Thank you all IMG 2671



Blessing of our TENS Teachers - September 10

TENS New teachers

Welcome Back Sunday: Blessing of the Backpacks - September 10

Backpack Blessings


Great New Cushions for Wicked Furniture..Thanks Pat and Wally Meyer

IMG 2586

September 3- Baptism Sunday 3 children and 2 adults!

IMG 2587 IMG 2588

Carnival of Instruments....August 19, 2017

IMG 2537 IMG 2538IMG 2544 1IMG 2550 1



TENS Director - Charity

We Welcomed Charity Wilson, New TENS Director

AND, Yes the electricial crew came to evaluate the Great Hall Lights

IMG 2962 1

Thank you to our Boy Scout Troop for assisting Book Shelf

IMG 2955 IMG 2957IMG 2956

TENS is busy with major Cleaning...thank you to all volunteers, board members and Steve Petite!

IMG 2963 IMG 2964


 July Visit From Old Friends..Hint? She worked for Trinity!

IMG 2450



Special Thank you to Jeff Rickard and Jillain Rickard

                                                for spending hours editing our Trinity Song Books!

IMG 2448 IMG 2447



Redland's Bowl: July 14, 2107 Trinity Volunteers!

Redlands Bowl 17 

Welcome Rev. Liz - Associate Rector of Trinity 7/9/17

IMG 2705 

IMG 2706 Sunday Morning Bible Study in Libruary 


IMG 2618 July 2, 2017


IMG 2620drummer in honor of 4th of Jugly


Picnic Trinity Camp Sunday Welcome ...Hot Day. with Hotdogs and Fellowship 

IMG 2357

Trinity Sunday, June 25, 2017

IMG 2319 music ...kids and funIMG 2330 Thank you Camp Director Andrew!IMG 2342

CAMP June 19

IMG 2826

 CAMP....June 18 First Night at Camp first Campfire! 

IMG 2837



Sunday, June 18, 2017

CAMP Registration

IMG 2829 

IMG 2825

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Training Counselors for Camp!!

IMG 2820



Sunday, June 11- Trinity Sunday, Bev Honored, Youth Sunday and Blessing of Great Hall

IMG 1618 IMG 1625IMG 1628IMG 1623

                                       IMG 1558

IMG 1587  

IMG 1597

IMG 1616IMG 1607IMG 1606IMG 1555 1IMG 1563

IMG 1601 IMG 1604IMG 1565IMG 1572IMG 1599

IMG 1593

IMG 1590


 Saturday, June 10th Bev's Retirement 

IMG 2293 Linda will return in August for TENS!

IMG 6505

 Happy Retirement Bev!

IMG 6511  Bev with Christina (TENS Board Chair)IMG 6547 Diane, Bev, Wendyand Mrs. Jorgenson Retire!



TENS Graduation June 9, 2017

IMG 2260 Fr. Paul presenting certificatesIMG 2289 Shannon and son. She created TENS Website!IMG 2259 Bev Gaston 54 years as a preschool teacher!!

Tens 1


Pentecost June 4, 2017

kids choir pentecost 17

Atrium Pentecost 17 Our youngest students enjoying the Atrium lesson. They wore their RED for Penecost!!


Mother's Day 2017


                                     IMG 2649


IMG 2647IMG 2648


IMG 2643 IMG 2644




KIrkin 2017 IMG 2646



December 10, 2019


IMG 6593 





8:00 AM - Spoken Eucharist

Rite I

Sunday School on July 14 and 28

August 11 and 25

ATRIUM closed for summer


Nursery Care open

8a till 12 noon


10:15 a.m. Choral Eucharist Rite II



Morning Prayer in the Library

8:30 a.m.

Centering Prayer 6 p.m.



 Healing Prayers 11 AM

& Eucharist  at 11:30 AM


5:30 PM - Evening Prayer


Memorial Garden Trinity 2


Monthly Eucharist Service

Bangladeshi Eucharist

September TBD at 10:30 am

Trinity Lounge 


Celtic Monthly Service

with Potluck

September 15 at 5 p.m.

Youth and Family Service

with Potluck

September TBD 5-7 pm


Special Services/Events

                                                                          TRINITY USHERING at

                                                                           The REDLANDS


                                                                               JULY 9 

                                                                            ALL WECOME!


Trinity Office Hours

Monday and Thursday

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Tuesday and Wednesday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed on Fridays plus all holidays


Upcoming Trinity

Community Events

 Trinity at the Bowl


July 9 at 6 pm 



Trinity Preschool 

Open Year Round

Family Friendly Prices

Half/Full Day Program

Extended Daycare available


 liz Pride day quote


 ( Thanks Laura for Above quote)


 Pride flag small   



















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